Technical requirements

What, no software?

Sprocket is not a software package like Microsoft Word or Excel, instead it is a web-based system, controlled though your web browser, the same web browser you use to view any website on the Internet.

You will navigate Sprocket via web pages and make updates to content using form fields much in the same way you might when purchasing goods online or updating your Facebook profile.

Compatible browsers

The system works well with the following web browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9
  2. Firefox 3 and above
  3. Safari
  4. Google Chrome

The system will also function in other modern browsers, like Opera, but the above are reccommended for best results.

You may also be able to use older browsers to access the system, such as Internet Explorer 6. However, due to the age of these products, we cannot guarantee complete compatibility and again recommend upgrading to a more recent browser where possible.

Important: browser forward / back buttons: When using Sprocket only use the links within the page and NOT the forward and back buttons in the browser menu. Using these buttons will not damage Sprocket, but it may cause some of your current updates to be lost.